All deliveries at 1999 Broadway, including catering, must be made through the Street Freight Elevator via the curb cut out on Broadway or through the loading dock on the P-1 level. Tenants must accept and sign for all deliveries and arrange for the immediate transport of delivered items to their suites. Vendors must first park and then check in with a Security Officer. The delivery personnel will be required to provide identification such as a personal photo ID. They would exchange that ID for a building visitor’s pass, and such pass needs to be returned upon exiting the building. All vendors entering the building that will be using a cart/dolly or doing work that the building determines would require insurance must have a current Certificate of Insurance (COI) on file with the building management office. These practices are important since they:

  • Maintain the professional image of the building by keeping the front entry clear of delivery traffic.
  • Limits the wear and tear caused by deliveries to certain areas.
  • Ensure that all vendors are accountable for their deliveries and their image while in the building.
  • Keeps 1999 Broadway a secure building.

Building vendor COI requirements can be found here and should be sent to each of your vendors. If your vendor doesn’t meet the standard insurance requirements, please have them contact us directly so that we may discuss any deficiencies and work with them further.

Food Deliveries:

  • A COI is not required for deliveries to your suite.
  • If the caterer has a few bags of food that they may hand deliver, without the aid of a cart or dolly, they are allowed to complete their delivery via the passenger elevators.  Deliveries that require a cart will need to use the freight elevator.
  • Please supply your delivery with a primary contact this will help Security assist with your delivery should an issue arise.

Other Deliveries:

It is preferable to inform the Property Management Office at least 48-hours in advance of any vendor making a delivery so that it can be scheduled prior. This will help to avoid any insurance issues as upon notice we are able to verify if the vendor has a current COI and then determine if it is a large delivery that must be done after hours. Deliveries must enter the Street Freight Shuttle, proceed to the P-1 level, cross over the dock to the building’s main freight elevator, and then proceed to the tenant’s floor. Here are some important pieces of information to remember:

  • Small deliveries can typically be made to 1999 Broadway during normal business hours.
  • Tenants requiring deliveries after hours will advise the Property Management Office via our online work order system or email with the following information:
    • Requested date of delivery/move/work performed.
    • Full-time periods the freight elevator will be needed/ vendor will be onsite for.
    • Contact information for the point of contact for the tenant.
    • Contact information for the point of contact for the vendor.
    • Certificate of Insurance for the vendor or confirmation that tenant is accepting liability.
  • Furniture or other large deliveries requiring extended use of either the dock or the freight elevator must be scheduled through the Property Management Office for after hours or weekends.
  • For special deliveries requiring use of the building’s dock accessible via the P-1 ramp, tenants must coordinate this through the Property Management Office. Ramp clearance is very restricted at 8 feet 6 inches. All vendors, suppliers, contractors, etc., that will need to utilize the dock space must have an acceptable auto liability certificate of insurance on file with the Property Management Office.
  • No passenger elevators may be used for commercial deliveries. A freight elevator shuttle is available for use on the easterly side of the building off Broadway. Delivery vehicles with the requisite city commercial parking permit may park on the Broadway “curb cut” for short periods (follow the information posted by the city) while the delivery is being made.

The Property Management Office is more than happy to arrange any special requests you may have for moving deliveries from the loading area to your suite. We do request 48-hours advance notice so this work can be scheduled without disrupting the normal day-to-day maintenance routine of the building and other tenants’ use of the facilities.